ps2stuff - a collection of ps2-related development utilities

what is it?

ps2stuff is a collection of ps2 development utilities developed here at SCEA R&D over the past few years. Some of its features:
  • vector/matrix classes (potentially very fast, but not yet on linux)
  • the UberMakefile
  • a script to generate vu microcode dependencies
  • dma packet classes
  • a gs memory manager
  • hardware timer classes
  • texture/draw/display management
But it is surely most popular right now for being used by ps2gl.

getting ps2stuff

ps2stuff is an open source project hosted here on See the project page for downloads and this site for installation and build instructions.

cross development environment

Anyone who's had their ps2 linux kit for more than a few hours has probably realized that it's not going to break many speed records. Compilation in particular is painfully slow, so naturally you'd rather develop on a PC. For lack of a better place, I've put instructions for installing and building gcc as a cross-compiler for ps2 linux here on the ps2stuff project. Undoubtedly it could be done better, and I'd appreciate any corrections/suggestions.